Bus Trip: Hershey Park

Date(s) - 09/22/2013
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Hershey Park


Date of program: Sunday, September 22.  Ticket Sales: Student Programming Center, 307 Union Building.  Start Date: Wednesday, September 11 (12:30 p.m.)/End Date: Friday, September 20 (12:30 p.m.). Cost: $5.00.  Bus departs from the Hayman Center: 10:00 a.m./Bus Departs from Hershey Park: 8:00 p.m. There are 56 spots available on this trip starting on Wednesday, September 11.  Co-sponsored by WEXP.

The Student Programming Center does not have Gold Card Access or Credit Card processing capability.

La Salle students purchasing tickets and/or signing-up for a program must be full time undergraduate day students. Students must show their valid La Salle ID to purchase tickets and/or sign up for a program. Students may purchase a ticket and/or sign-up for a program another La Salle University student (full-time undergraduate day student) with a photocopy of the La Salle student’s valid La Salle ID with their signature.  Students purchasing tickets with signed photocopied La Salle ID’s must have the ID photocopies in their possession before taking their place in line.  Students may not cut in line with freshly photocopied signed ID’s to give to people standing in line for ticket sales.

Division of Student Affairs

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