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Please refer to the Program Planning Timeline handout for a detailed description of when to start planning depending on the type of program your organization or staff would like to sponsor.

Student organizations/advisors must wait until an allotment has been approved by the administrator supervising the budget source requested or approved by the Funding Board to make any payments towards a program or facilitate the signing of any agreement for services (contract, Standard Riders, Purchase Order/Request, waiver, etc.).

Funding allotments can only be used for the approved program; any unused funds will remain in the budget that supported the program. Allotments are not transfered into student organizations budget accounts. The funds stay in the budget from which the program is being supported.

Funding Source Appropriate Use Proposal Format Funding Requests Can Be Received Here…
Annual Student Organization Budget Student Organizations that have been registered for three consecutive years and received funding allotments from the Activities Funding Board for three consecutive years. Annual Budget Request Student Programming Center
34 Union Building
Agency Account Student organization account used for depositing fundraising money or donations. See Next Box The Student Programming Center, 34 Union Building
Resident Student Association Set Aside Student Organizations and RA/CA’s utilize for programming ideas. Individual residence hall GAM o r Resident Student Association
Activities Programming Budget Student Organization and RA/CA’s utilize for programs costing under $1,000.00 and that are not conference/tournament/competition/retreat related programs. Program Proposal/Funding Request Form Student Programming Center,
34 Union Building
Late Night La Salle Budget Student Organizations and RA/CA’s utilize for Programming on Friday and Saturday evenings between the hours of 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. or programs complementing preexisting LNL programs prior to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings. See Late Night La Salle’s website Student Programming Center
34 Union Building
Activities Funding Board Student Organizations and RA/CA’s utilize for programs costing over $1,000.00 and conference/tournament/competition/retreat related programs. Funding Board Proposal Student Programming Center.

34 Union Building

RA/CA Set Aside RA/CA’s utilize for floor programs. Each RA/CA staff will have access to the set aside. Program Proposal/Funding Request Form Resident Coordinator of Respective Residence Hall
Bus Budget Student Organizations, RA/CA’s utilize for taking trips off-campus. Bus Request Form  Student
Programming Center
34 Union Building

Initial funding for programming can be revoked if proper programming guidelines are not followed. Programs that have not followed funding guidelines, room reservation guidelines, advertising/promotion guidelines, etc. may be suspended and/or canceled.




































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