Getting Started

Student need to account for the following steps when programming:

1. Content Approval.  Student organization should meet with the staff in the Student Programming Center (34 Union Building) to get their programs approved.  Student organizations must adhere to programming timelines. The staff in the Student Programming Center  can assist students with programming timelines in regards to room reservations, getting funding, assisting them with the documentation needed for payments and the approval process of documentation for payments.

2.  Room Reservations. You can reserve space on campus through the on-line calendar system on the myLasalle Portal under the “Event Planning” column.  Click on the “Reservation System” and you’ll be on your way.  Administrative Services approves reservation requests for space in the Union Building and Residence Hall Lounges.  Administrative Services will work collaboratively with the Student Programming Center with approving space for student organizations.

3.  Funding.  Student organizations need to receive funding before they can make purchases for programs or enter into any agreements for paying performers, lecturers, and vendors of any kind.  See the “Get Funding” section.

4.  Documentation for Payment Approval.  The Finance and Administration Office approves most documents regarding payments and liability for programs.  Student organizations must allow for at least one month extra in their program planning timeline to account for the review, approval and signing of any documents regarding payment and liability. See the section labeled “Program Finances” on this site.

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