Program Proposal/Funding Request Form

This form is for requesting funds from the Activities Programming Budget for programs that are under $1,000.00 and not conferences, tournaments, retreats or other non-activity related programs.

Student organizations/advisors must wait until an allotment has been approved by the administrator supervising the budget source requested or approved by the Funding Board to make any payments towards a program or facilitate the signing of any agreement for services (contract, Standard Riders, Purchase Order/Request, waiver, etc.).

Late Night La Salle: If you wish to request money for weekend/evening programming please go to the Late Night La Salle Website.

Funding Board: If you wish to request funding for $1,000.00 or more and/or a conference, tournament, competition, retreat programming, please review the Funding Board Guidelines.

Bus Budget: If you are requesting bus transportation or requesting Septa tokens please submit a Bus Request Form.

  • All Fields Required.

  • The Program Proposal/Funding Request MUST be returned to the appropriate staff person no later than two weeks before the program date. There may be programs that need significantly more planning time. In those cases the Program Proposal/Funding Request must be handed in no later than one month before the program date.

  • Programs must be publicized through print ads (flyers/posters, etc) and Portal announcements to the entire campus. Word-of-mouth publicity alone is not sufficient publicity.

    Funding Request:
    Only enter numerical data for the information requested below.



Initial funding for programming can be revoked if proper programming guidelines are not followed. Programs that have not followed funding guidelines, room reservation guidelines, advertising/promotion guidelines, etc. may be suspended and/or canceled.