Program Proposal/Funding Request Form

This form is for requesting funds from the Activities Programming Budget for programs that are under $1,000.00 and not conferences, tournaments, retreats or other non-activity related programs.

Student organizations/advisors must wait until an allotment has been approved by the administrator supervising the budget source requested or approved by the Funding Board to make any payments towards a program or facilitate the signing of any agreement for services (contract, Standard Riders, Purchase Order/Request, waiver, etc.).

Late Night La Salle: If you wish to request money for weekend/evening programming please go to the Late Night La Salle Website.

Funding Board: If you wish to request funding for $1,000.00 or more and/or a conference, tournament, competition, retreat programming, please review the Funding Board Guidelines.

Bus Budget: If you are requesting bus transportation or requesting Septa tokens please submit a Bus Request Form.


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