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Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center



Professional staff members of the Alcohol & Other Drug Education Center (AODEC) of the La Salle University Counseling and Health Services Department pledge to build, sustain, and enhance a community focused on student learning. It is the mission of this program to provide accurate information about alcohol and other drugs; educate the La Salle community about the realities of alcohol and other drug use and their effect on academic, emotional and physical health; provide counseling or referral for problems associated with personal alcohol and other drug use or problems associated with the use of family and friends.

We will develop, implement, evaluate, and improve AOD-related programs and services that fulfill our responsibilities to our students and our University. We will be guided and inspired by systematically assessed needs, the highest professional standards, and our heritage and responsibilities as Christian educators / clinicians in the traditions of Catholic higher education, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and the Christian Brothers.