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Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center


Alcohol Awareness Project (AAP)

The Alcohol Awareness Project (AAP) provides students who violate the University alcohol and other drug policies an opportunity to learn and discuss topics related to alcohol and other drug use and abuse.

  • AAP is an Alcohol Skills Training Program that incorporates factual information and skill development to inform college students on the risks associated with alcohol or other drug use and establish ways to prevent negative consequences.
  • AAP is broken up into two 45 minute classes that meet in a group setting.
  • The facilitator is a staff member in the AODEC that is trained to lead discussion, educate, and motivate students to make healthier, safer, and smarter choices related to alcohol and other drug use.
  • Students are required to purchase the Interactive Booklet that is used to facilitate students’ awareness of their usage patterns, and educate students on the risks and ways to prevent negative consequences.
  • AAP offers students the opportunity to learn prevention skills such as: calculating Blood Alcohol Level, identifying risky social situations, recognizing signs of an alcohol emergency, and providing help to someone experiencing an alcohol emergency.
  • AAP offers students a non-judgmental, confidential space to discuss, reflect and evaluate their usage as well as explore the usage as it compares to the perceived usage of their peers.

For more information please call 215-951-1357.  To schedule an AAP session and purchase the booklet please visit our office in Mc Shain Hall between 8:30-4:30 M-F.