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Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center


Individual Counseling

The purpose of the La Salle University Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center is to support students in accomplishing their educational goals by helping them resolve concerns associated with alcohol and/or other drug use or the use of someone for whom they are concerned. Although the student alone is responsible for making the necessary behavioral changes to reduce risks associated with the misuse or abuse of substances, the AODEC staff members are successful in helping students develop a plan that, if followed, will both reduce risk and increase probability of improving academic and social adjustment at La Salle. For students seeking services for issues related to concerns about the substance misuse/abuse of others, we are successful in helping students learn coping strategies to move toward greater sense of emotional well-being in their lives.

All full-time students are eligible for counseling and assessment services through the AODEC with no fees for any of the services received. It is expected that students attend their scheduled appointment on time or inform their counselor ahead of time if they need to reschedule or cancel. All sessions are confidential.

To schedule an individual counseling session please contact us at 215-951-1357.