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Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center



AODEC staff members are available for outreach sessions for any La Salle community members.

  • Outreach sessions can be provided on a number of different health related topics.
  • Student groups, Community Development Staff, Faculty, Administrators, and Staff are welcome to schedule AODEC staff for an outreach session.
  • Input is generally needed from the group requesting outreach to inform the facilitator’s development of presentation topics and materials.
  • AODEC staff strives to present factual, up-to-date, interesting information in an exciting and effective way.
  • Past outreach topics include: Alcohol and Other Drug use and the Student-Athlete, Prescription Stimulant Abuse, Know the Risks: Alcohol & Caffeine, Stress and Time Management.
  • Other topical areas include: Fitness and Nutrition, Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships, and Travel Safety.

To schedule an outreach session please contact us at 215-951-1357.