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Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center


Prevention & Education

To address health related concerns and issues AODEC staff will develop and implement prevention services for the campus community.

  • All of the prevention services are derived from pertinent health related concerns that are current issues among the campus community.
  • AODEC staff use quantitative and qualitative data collected through a variety of means as well as a number of different research methods to accurately inform the development of prevention services.
  • Many of the prevention services offered are conducted in collaboration with the Peer Educators.
  • Examples of prevention services and topics include: Tobacco Free Health Campaign & Great American Smoke Out, Healthy Relationships Awareness Events, Know the Risks Fact Sheets: Four Loko, Prescription Stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin).

We would be happy to consult with students groups, faculty and staff on the development and implementation of prevention services on campus.

Please contact us for more information.