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                                   Designated Smoking Areas

La Salle University is committed to improving the health and wellness of its students and employees.  Smoking is only permitted in Designated Smoking Areas.  Designated Smoking Areas are listed below; areas are listed from West to East, North to South.  Each Designated Smoking Area is marked with signage.
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  • Teresa Court Apartments South Side  { View Location }
    Between iron gates on south side of the complex (parking lot/baseball field side).
  • *North Main Entrance to West Campus  { View Location }
    Courtyard next to Penn Boulevard entrance to Medical Office Building.
  • *K Lot Entrance to West Campus  { View Location }
    West side of steps on ground level entrance to St. Benilde Tower from Lot K.
  • *Between St. Miguel and the Hayman Center  { View Location }
    Peninsula on the south side of the Volleyball Court adjacent to Parking Lot H (Hayman Center).
  • St. Miguel Interior { View Location }
    Grassy area on the far north side of complex against the iron fence. Across from the C-Block dumpsters.
  • Hayman Center East Side  { View Location }
    Grassy area between emergency exit doors.
  • North Halls  { View Location }
    Grass area between St. Denis and Blue & Gold Dinning Commons. Adjacent to Blue & Gold chiller (by rear St. Katharine gate).
  • Library  { View Location }
    Far left hand side of main entrance steps.
  • Wister Hall  { View Location }
    West end of Wister Hall between the top and bottom Guard Booths. On the pathway off of the landing that goes towards 20th street approaching the locked gate.
  • Between the Administration Center and Holroyd Hall  { View Location }
    Past the handicap parking place at the end of the driveway going towards Holroyd Hall away from the Administration Center.
  • Between Olney Hall and Holroyd Hall { View Location }
    Grassy area adjacent to the north side of Olney Hall across from Holroyd Hall.
  • Between the Student Union and the McCarthy Stadium  { View Location }
    Grassy area adjacent of the Dan Rodden Theatre emergency exit door across from the Campus Mail & Duplicating entrance.
  • Between St. Neumann Hall and St. Basil Court  { View Location }
    On grassy island between the IBX Fitness Center and Parking Lot C. Adjacent to evergreen tree.
  • Communication Center  { View Location }
    Between St. Mutien and the Communication Center below the benches.

Please visit for Smoking Cessation Resources available for students, faculty, staff and community members on and off campus.