Career and Employment Services receives a variety of job listings on a daily basis. All full-time openings are posted on eXplorenet – our on-line database of jobs (including internships & co-ops), employers and alumni mentors. Through eXplorenet you are able to search for…

  • positions listed specifically for La Salle graduates
  • employers who have developed a relationship with La Salle
  • upcoming events or workshops (both on- & off-campus) through the calendar
  • other alumni in a variety of fields who may help you expand your network

As an alumnus/a, you may already have an eXplorenet account if you graduated after December, 1999. For graduates prior to January, 2000, we can create an account for you. Simply call or email us with your name, graduation year, degree, major, student ID #, and birthdate. We will email your login information within 48 hours.

Additionally you will find opportunities posted on the bulletin boards located in our lobby.

Our Career Resource Library includes various job search publications, business lists, grad school guides and catalogs, company literature, as well as resume and cover letter books; all designed to help you prepare for your job search and identify potential employers or grad schools.

On-Line resources, beyond the popular job search sites (CareerBuilder, Monster), are plentiful. We recommend the following resources that will help you identify local and regional employers: – the largest independently owned and operated job board connecting employers and jobseekers in the Mid-Atlantic region. – develop and expand your network of La Salle alumni by joining the “La Salle University Alumni Network” group on LinkedIn.

Campus – a 501(c)3 non-profit organization fueling economic growth in the Greater Philadelphia tri-state region. Their careers site, while geared towards college students, provides an additional source of potential local employers.

Career Insider – world’s leading source of career intelligence providing access to free downloadable guides on different industries, companies and career topics. (Accessible via mylasalle – on the Resources & Services tab in the Employment Channel)

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