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La Salle offers both Co-op and Internship programs for nearly all of our majors in the Schools of Business and Arts & Sciences. These are typically formal programs where students will work full-time (co-op) or part-time (internship) for a semester or more.  (Below are more details on how La Salle defines these programs.)  If you need seasonal help or an additional set of hands for special projects or a full-time temporary employee during the summer months , consider hiring a bright, enthusiastic student who is eager to work hard as well as learn more about your organization and industry.


Cooperative Education (Co-Op) – typically involves full-time, paid work periods of 3 – 6 months in length. For more details on the full-time co-op program, call or email the Career Services Center. The School of Business also offers the Business Scholars Co-op Program; visit http://www.lasalle.edu/schools/sb/scholars/content.php for more information.


Internships – are usually part-time (8 – 15 hours/week) experiences requiring at least a 3 month work period. While we do not require an employer to pay an hourly wage for an internship, we do welcome and encourage both paid and nonpaid opportunities. Many departments provide academic credit for students participating in an internship assignment. Accordingly, an internship description must be submitted for approval by the appropriate academic department(s). Call or email the Career Services Center for more information.


Summer Jobs – Opportunities available during the summer months may fit into one or both of the programs described above. However, there are many students who seek seasonal employment to gain practical experience and earn money to help cover their college expenses.


La Salle’s Career Services Center will post your co-op, internship and summer jobs to our on-line job posting system –explorenet – at no cost for all our students to view.

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Students: To find explorenet log in to your portal at my.lasalle.edu Once logged in, click on tools and from the drop down, explorenet will be listed.

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