Job Search Checklist

Preparation, Planning & Persistence are essential for a successful job search! !   Review and use this checklist to get started with your job search. Make an appointment with one of our counselors for assistance with each of these activities and to help design your personal job search.

√Assess Yourself

The best way to make sure you choose the career that’s right for you is to identify the skills, values and abilities that are most important to you. We utilize two self-assessment tools the Self-Directed Search(SDS)® and Focus II® . The SDS is available in hard copy, so stop in to our office to get your copy. Focus II® is an excellent on-line resource designed to help you learn more about yourself, about majors, about occupations and how these are all connected.  Contact Career and Employment Services to obtain the La Salle Access Code required to create your  Focus II® account. Once you have completed a self-assessment, meet with one of our counselors to discuss the results and what to do next.

√Research Your Field and the Current Job Market

Check career-related web sites for current information. Read local newspapers and magazines, national business & news publications, industry & professional journals. Recommended publications:

√Develop a professional resume and cover letter

Use our “quick reference guides” or attend a workshop to learn what to include in your resume and cover letters. Then meet with a counselor to have your resume or cover letter reviewed. You may come in during our walk-in hours or make an appointment.

√Develop and Expand Your “Network”

Conduct information interviews; these can be arranged on your own or by meeting with one of our counselors who will provide you with Alumni to contact. Talk to faculty, recent graduates, family friends, relatives, and everyone else you know.

Attend networking events; consider creating or purchasing “personal networking cards” (VistaPrint offers free business cards)to exchange at such events. Develop your “on-line presence” by joining LinkedIn or other professional networking sites based on your career interests.

Prepare for the interview

Never go into an interview unprepared!  Always research the employer with whom you have the interview and the industry in which you want to work. Bring extra copies of your resume to the interview in a folder or portfolio. Be sure to ask the employer questions, even if it’s just a simple “What’s the next step in the interview process?” Send a thank you email/note after the interview. Attend an Interviewing Skills workshop at Career and Employment Services and/or schedule a mock interview with one of our counselors. For more details and tips on interviewing, download and read the following guides:

√Prepare Your Game Plan

Use a calendar to organize your job search; block off times for creating a resume, writing cover letters. Participate in on- and off-campus job fairs and information sessions. Use eXplorenet regularly to search for internships, co-ops and full-time jobs.

√Additional Tips for Your Job Search:

Use the telephone to …
…Ask for the name and title of the person to whom you should direct your resume.
…Always get the correct spelling, gender, and title!
…Call again within a week after mailing your resume; make sure the appropriate person did receive your resume.

Use ALL available job sites, including employers’ webpages. Check the newspaper classified – at least for those employers who are hiring. Review trade publications/journals from specific industries of field. Travel — Consider relocation or an international internship. Look for non-traditional sources of employment. Work part-time or take a temporary job in your field of interest. Gain career experience through an internship or co-op. Or, volunteer. Re-evaluate your priorities. Is graduate or professional school on option? Change Facebook/social networking site privacy settings and voicemail if necessary to ensure professionalism.

√More Career Resources

For more details on career-related events (both on- & off-campus), Check out the eXplorenet Calendar
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