Student Success Stories

Alumni: Graduated May 2016
Major: Bachelor of Social Work
Minor: Psychology
Position obtained: School Therapeutic Staff Worker at COMHAR
Services Utilized at the Career Services: Resume Review & Writing, Interview Prep & Mock Interview, Career counseling, and Job search. Met COMHAR at the Spring Job Fair.
Your success story: I did not know how prepare I was for the work force until I decided to take advantage of the career services. I am thankful for the help that my career counselor provided me; she made the job search easier than expected. I never thought that I was going to have a job lined up before graduation.

Would you recommend Career Services to a peer? I definitely recommend students to take advantage of the services provided by the career services. They will be able to learn from committed professionals and be better prepare


Junior: Graduating May 2018
Major: English
Minor: Spanish

Your success story: When I made an appointment at Career Services this past winter, I was in the middle of a mini crisis about my future. I felt ill-equipped for the real world, and anxiously wondered how I would ever become successful or even get a job to support myself after graduation. I had no idea what to do with my life. I knew I loved research and writing and was pretty good at both, and I was enjoying my English and literature classes, but I had absolutely no idea how to use my English skills to make money. Whenever I’d tell people I was an English major, their responses would either be something along the lines of “Haha, good luck making money!” or “Oh, so you’re gonna be a teacher?” Everyone seemed to assume that the only occupation for English majors was teaching (which I did not want to do), and, after hearing it enough times, I began to believe it myself.

I started doubting my choice of major, and began to contemplate switching it to something with a more straightforward career path… but, then again, what would I even switch it to? There was nothing else that I could really see myself doing. To make matters worse, I knew I needed to find an internship for the summer, but how would I do that if I did not know what to look for or what kind of job I wanted, or if I was even going to stay in my major?

So, after a lot of time spent stressing, I went on explorenet and made a career counseling appointment, not really knowing what to expect, with Dave Prisco. I brought my resume and the job description of an internship that looked interesting, and ended up meeting with a couple counselors there, who were very helpful and encouraging, over a few different sessions. We sat down and Dave and Robin went through my resume word by word, critiquing and editing it until it was perfect. They also taught me how to write a cover letter, which helped immensely when I applied to the internship, which involved writing and researching for a Philadelphia City Councilwoman. I also sent them my writing sample, which they approved, and then one of the counselors recommended me to the hiring manager of the internship and I sent in the application.

Within 24 hours, I got a response. The hiring manager called me, and we scheduled an interview at City Hall. I went in, was interviewed, and they offered me the job! I was elated. While the timing did not end up working out, it was still a major confidence boost to know that I was capable of getting a job in the field that I wanted, and that I did not have to change my major or give up doing what I loved in order to make money.

Would you recommend Career Services to a peer? Career Services proved invaluable to me, both in teaching me necessary job skills such as writing a resume and a cover letter, and in giving me reassurance that I could have a successful future. I know that many of my peers are struggling with the same concerns, so I would absolutely recommend visiting Career Services!


Alumni: Graduated May 2016
Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Your success story: As a Nursing major, coming to career service was a huge help to me. Career services offers a variety of services to help you be able to land your dream job. When it was time for me to start looking for a job as an extern, I really did not know where to start. Career services helped me organize my resume and make it look professional. They also helped me brainstorm ideas of what to include in my cover letter to be able to highlight important traits that would interest my future employers. Everyone in career services was friendly and able to answer all my questions, which helped me land an interview at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The next step in this process was being comfortable interviewing. Luckily for me, career services offered mock interviews. This helped me be able to work on how to answer questions and feel more confident so, when the interview time came, I felt more than ready. Career services helped me be able to start my nursing career and I am extremely happy I took the time to get help from them!


Graduate Student: Graduating May 2019
Major: Managerial Finance

Your success story: The Career Services department has been extremely helpful in my transition from being a student to starting my career. Some of the most valuable services that they offer are mock interviews, resume consulting, and explorenet. However, the best part about the Career Services department is the people. Everyone in the department was committed to and invested in the advancement of my career. With their help, I was able to land four different offers from four of the top 10 firms in the accounting industry all within the span of six weeks. I would not hesitate to recommend the Career Services department to anyone who is a current or former student at La Salle.


Graduate Student: Graduating May 2019
Major: Managerial Finance

Your success story: I 110% recommend Career Services to every explorer on or off campus. Without Career Services my interview skills, resume, and LinkdeIn profile would be no where near the quality it is today. Not to mention all the interviews on and off campus they have set up for me, Career Services is one of the most valuable tools an explorer can use.

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