On behalf the entire Residence Life and Community Development Team, welcome to the 2017-2018 Student Staff Application Page!

So, you are thinking about becoming a student staff Resident Assistant, Community Assistant, or Commuter Connector?  Being a student staff member is a big commitment and one you should carefully consider. The position requires patience, dedication, and the ability to push yourself further than you may have thought possible.

RA/CAs provide resources and support to the residents of a specific floor, area or community.  RA/CAs encourage community development and responsibility among residents, facilitate involvement in the life of the floor, area or community, and foster personal and academic success of all students. Additionally, RA/CAs ensure that community standards are being maintained and opportunities for growth and learning are available.

CCs serve as advocates and mentors to 1st and 2nd year commuter students.  CCs create opportunities through which commuters are able to gather together and interact with the La Salle community.  Additionally, CCs work on providing outreach and resources to commuters through planned programs, socials, and day to day interactions.

This site details what the application process entails and provides more in-depth information on the RA/CA/CC job.

To apply to be an RA/CA or a CC, complete the corresponding application under the “Applications” tab above.

If you have any questions at all about the process please feel free to ask your RA/CA/CC, any Residence Life and Community Development Staff Member, or contact the selection committee under the “More Information” tab above.