Welcome from the Student Health Center

We welcome you to the La Salle University Student Health Center web page. We hope that you will become acquainted with our staff, our services, and all that we can do to meet your healthcare needs while you are a student here at La Salle University.

For many, we realize that this may be your first time seeking healthcare independent of your family. We are “user-friendly” and always available to assist you, to answer your questions, to treat your health problems and to help you in making appropriate decisions regarding a healthy lifestyle.

We look forward to working with you to achieve good health throughout your college experience!

For more information, contact
The Student Health Center
Phone   215-951-1565
Fax      215-951-1566

Travel Health Tips
Traveling to another country can be an exciting venture. To keep yourself healthy while traveling, click to read the important information in this brochure.

Bed Bug Prevention While Traveling
Many prominent hotels have been infested with bedbugs so the pests may come home with you in your luggage or clothing no matter where you stay; the cost of the room is not a guarantee. Click the link above to learn more.