Health Insurance


Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance Information

Please read this information carefully as it contains important information about complying with the University’s Student Health Insurance Policy.  Action is required on your part to avoid a charge to your tuition bill prior to the following deadlines:

  • June 27th, 2014: Students who take no action prior to this date will receive the insurance premium charge on their fall semester bill.
  • September 3rd, 2014: Final deadline to complete the online waiver/enrollment process. Students will otherwise be automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored insurance plan. 

As part of supporting students’ academic success and overall wellness, the University sponsors a specially tailored Injury and Sickness insurance plan in partnership with First Risk Advisors.  The University-sponsored plan is underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company and is effective from early August of the current academic year until early August of the following year.

All of the following student categories are mandated to carry health insurance coverage, either through the University-sponsored plan or through an alternative comparable plan, such as coverage on a parent’s health insurance plan:

  • Registered Undergraduate Day Students
  • Resident Students
  • Registered International Students
  • Undergraduate Evening Students taking 12 or more credits
  • Graduate Students registered for six (6) or more credits or in a full-time program

Prior to first attendance at the University, and annually thereafter, students in the identified categories must complete the online student health insurance waiver/enrollment process.

To initiate the process, please go to, select La Salle University, click on the Waive Your Schools Insurance button or the Enroll Now button and follow the directions.  Once the process is complete, do not forget to print out a receipt for your records.  The deadline to waive the annual insurance premium is September 3, 2014.  Students not covered by another comparable insurance plan must enroll in the University-sponsored health insurance plan.  For those who do enroll, ID cards must be printed at, select La Salle University and click on Need ID Card from the menu and follow directions.  This is the permanent ID card.


Please note the following:

  • Students who take no action prior to June 27, 2014 will receive the insurance premium charge on their fall semester bill.  Students will then have until September 3, 2014 to complete the waiver/enrollment process.  For those who successfully complete the waiver process by September 3, 2014, the original insurance premium charge will be removed from their University account.
  • Students who fail to complete the online waiver/enrollment process prior to September 3, 2014 will be automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored insurance plan.  After this September 3, 2014 deadline, these students will be irrevocably enrolled and responsible for payment to La Salle University for the health insurance coverage.


Health-Related Questions: There is a nurse from the insurance company available  24/7 to answer any questions at: 800-883-2951

If you have additional questions regarding coverage, please go to or call customer service at 800-505-4160.