Pre-arrival Checklist

New Student Checklist


Make Travel plans to allow sufficient time to familiarize yourself with the University.  There will be orientation events prior to class date, the Tuberculosis testing requirement is done during orientation if desired, but can also be done at the Health Center.  Immunization shots are required.  Arriving early is also important in preparation for registration.  Attendance at new international student orientation is required.


Pack clothing for the various seasons in the US. You should come prepared for changes in the weather: very cold winters, hot summers, and pleasant days in between. Winter temperatures can easily drop to 10°F (-12°C). Summers in Philadelphia can be very humid, with temperatures reaching 100°F (37°C) or higher.  Plan to wear warm clothing during the winter months (November-April).  An overcoat is a necessity.  Clothing for rainy weather is also needed.  You may find it helpful to bring national costumes to wear to certain campus events and international celebrations or to speaking engagements around the city, but this is a matter of personal choice.


Obtain your Visa (Note: Canadian students do not need a U.S. visa) If you reside outside the United States, take your valid passport, Form I-20, evidence of financial support, and receipt of SEVIS fee payment to the nearest U.S. Embassy/Consulate to apply for your visa.  You also may need to provide proof of ties to your home country, such as job offers, evidence of ownership of a residence or property in your home country, or copies of bank statements from a bank in your home country.


Make financial arrangements to receive money for tuition cost and living expenses each year. Living expenses include: Tuition, books, fees, meal plan, room and board, health insurance and other miscellaneous expenses


1. Tuition, Fees and Living Expenses:      Undergraduate


  • Amounts are tuition and living expenses estimates.   Tuition statements may reflect different costs.
  • Funding for spouses is an additional $4,000 annually;   funding for children is an additional $2,500 per child annually
ON CAMPUS $39,200 920 1,282 1,000 12,070 $54,472
OFF CAMPUS $39,200 730 1,282 1,000 12,070 $54,282



2. Tuition, Fees and Living Expenses:   Graduate* Varies

Full-time MBA(two year) $10,850 (a) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $36,689
One Year MBA $36,500 (b) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $51,489
Bilingual/Bicultural Studies, M.A. (In Hispanic Institute) $8,640 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,629
Central & Eastern European Studies, M.A. $8,340 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,329
Education, M.A. $8,100 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,089
English, M.A. $8,340 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,329
History, M.A. $8,340 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,329
Industrial/Organizational Management and Human Resources, M.A. $8,520 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,509
Marriage and Family Therapy, M.A. $8,520 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,509
Nursing, MSN $10,140 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $25,129
Professional and Business Communication, M.A. $30,000 (b) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $44,989
Professional Clinical Counseling, M.A. $8,520 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,509
Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) $10,800 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $25,789
Public Health, MPH $9,000 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,989
Speech-Language Pathology, M.S. $10,140 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $25,129
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, M.A. (in Hispanic Institute) $8,640 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,629
Theology and Ministry, M.A. $5,100 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $20,089
Doctor of Theology, Th.D. $6,780 (c) 900(d) 1,519 1,000 12,070 $22,269
Translation and Interpretation, M.A. (In Hispanic Institute) $8,640 (c) 400 1,519 1,000 12,070 $23,629



3. Tuition, Fees and Living Expenses: English Language Institute* Example

Fall I 2014 Fall II 2014 Spring I 2015 Spring II 2015 Summer I 2015 Summer II 2015
Tuition $2,650 $2,650 $2,650 2,650 2,650 2,650
Fees $250 $250* (See note below) 250 250*** $75 $75* (see note below)
Health insurance** $253 253 253 253 253 253
Books $125 $125 125 125 125 125
Living expenses $2,414 $2,414 2,414 2,414 2,414 2,414
TOTALS                       $5692                         $5692                      $5692                         $5692


4. Money:  Before arrival, you may want to exchange      money into U.S. dollars to have cash available upon arrival.  Traveler’s checks may be helpful, too,      but not all stores and restaurants accept them.  Make an attempt to bring cash for      denominations of less than $100.00.


Consider your short-term and long-term housing needs.  La Salle has both graduate and undergraduate housing.  Please visit for housing information.  A $200 USD housing deposit will need to be paid prior to your arrival.  The housing deposit can be paid online using the website above.  Print out the confirmation page as proof of payment on the housing deposit.  We are unable to reserve off-campus housing on your behalf.  It is recommended that you bring an extra copy of your evidence of financial support to La Salle University as it may be required for certain housing options.  La Salle cannot accommodate family-style housing requests.  More information can be provided upon request.


Health Insurance.  The U.S. does not have a socialized health care system, so La Salle University requires students to have health insurance coverage in case medical issues arise during your stay
here.  This coverage may be purchased here or your home country as long as it is translated in English.  Proof of coverage is required every semester to register for classes.  Information on the La Salle University health care plan can be found here:  Please see attached document for more information about what type of insurance must be purchased.


Health forms.  Prepare proof of immunizations.  We strongly suggest that all required vaccinations are completed before arrival to the United States.  All undergraduate and all on-campus graduate students must complete the Health History form.  If you will not live on-campus and are a graduate student, you do not need to complete the health history form.  All international students who have lived in a high-risk country for tuberculosis (TB) in the last five years whether graduate or undergraduate must receive tuberculosis (TB) testing.  A tuberculosis (TB) test must be issued within the United States.  This will be done at orientation and will cost $5.00 USD.  Students will be suspended from classes if they fail to comply with this requirement.  Visit the website:


Arrange transportation upon arrival to La Salle University.  A ride can be provided only if you arrive at the Philadelphia International Airport and will reside on campus.  If your flight plans land you in an airport other than Philadelphia’s, we will make our best effort to coordinate your safe arrival to La Salle, but cannot guarantee this.  You MUST contact Wendy Eisenberg, Administrative Assistant ( or 1.215.951.1948) with your travel information, regardless if you are flying or driving into Philadelphia.


Register for International Student Orientation (ISO).  ISO will be held on Tuesday 19 August and Wednesday 20 August.  Parents and families are welcome to attend.  ISO is mandatory for all new F-1 and J-1visa holders.  Online registration should be complete by 11 August 2014, to ensure an accurate attendance count.  To register, please visit:


Upload a Photo for your La Salle Student Identification Card


Your student identification card makes everything official. So, be sure to submit a photo so that you can obtain your student identification card. For questions about your student identification card, contact Michael Sullivan in the ID Gold Card office at 215.951.1578 or




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