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Welcome to the Brother Augustine Center, a University resource that is dedicated to supporting and advocating for the needs of Commuter and Off-Campus students.


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The Off-Campus Recognition Event is held at the conclusion of the academic year to honor off-campus student residents with zero citations, exceptional commuter students and campus partnerships. (Recognition Event, April 2012)

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In addition to peer mentoring freshmen and sophomore commuter students, the Commuter Connectors plan various programs each semester. Always expect a great time! (Valentine’s Day, 2012)

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Off-Campus Communities values serving our community, giving a helping hand when needed! (Community Service, October 2011)

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The Commuter and Off-Campus Student Association (C.A.O.S.) coordinates programs throughout the academic year for the University’s commuter and off-campus student population. Autism Awareness is one of their signature events. It serves to educate and raise funds for an important cause. (Autism Awareness, April 2012)

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Commuter Connectors are undergraduate peer mentors dedicated to serve as a resource for freshmen and sophomore commuter students. Check out the Commuter Corner for more information.

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Adjacent to the University, over 400 students reside in La Salle’s off-campus community. The neighborhood also consists of community residents with families, many who have resided in the community for generations!

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Off-Campus Communities frequently collaborates with La Salle’s Security and Safety and other campus departments in effort to provide our commuter and off-campus student populations essential resources for college success and safety. (Off-Campus Safety Excursion, September 2011)

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Each August, Off-Campus Communities Professional Staff conducts a Roster Collection process, collecting student resident data throughout the off-campus community for University records.

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Our growing relationship with landlords of student rented homes in the off-campus community creates positive energy in our off-campus community. If you are interested in advertising your property to La Salle students, please visit the Landlord tab.

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