Application Information and Process

Service Scholars

La Salle University has a long-standing commitment to service. A Lasallian education is dedicated to providing a solid liberal arts education as well as preparing students for informed service and progressive leadership in their communities.  La Salle University demonstrates a commitment to community involvement through its generous Community Service Scholarship.
Each year La Salle awards scholarships to students who have been highly involved in community service and who will commit themselves to continued service throughout their undergraduate careers.
The Community Service Scholarship is awarded to new full-time incoming freshmen who have demonstrated commitment to and involvement in community service.  Valued at $10,000, this scholarship can be combined with other forms of La Salle University merit-based financial aid.  However, the sum of La Salle merit-based aid and the Community Service Scholarship cannot exceed the cost of tuition and mandatory fees.
Throughout their college years, Community Service Scholars take an active role in community service at La Salle University. As freshmen, Community Service Scholars participate in a minimum of 10 hours of community service every week.  If a residential student, scholars are also required to live in the Signum Fidei Residential Learning Community. Throughout their time at La Salle, Community Service Scholars make long-term commitments to community agencies and work to develop a culture of service oriented toward justice on campus. The scholarship is renewable over four years, depending on a successful completion of the previous academic year.
After reviewing the website, if you have any further questions, please contact:

Regina Gauss Kosiek

University Ministry and Service

La Salle University

1900 West Olney Avenue Box #829

Philadelphia, PA 19141



New full-time incoming freshmen with an extensive service background and a demonstrated interest in future service may apply for the Community Service Scholarship.  Candidates must commit themselves to the requirements of the scholarship outlined on the Requirements tab.


The scholarship, $10,000 per academic year ($5000 per semester), may be applied to tuition or room and board for the regular academic year. Successful fulfillment of the scholarship requirements and the spirit of community-building among all the scholarship recipients are the bases for each semester’s renewal.

In particular, recipients are required to:

  • Maintain a 2.5 or higher cumulative grade point average,
  • Attend an overnight retreat early in the Fall semester,
  • Attend twice-monthly community-service-scholarship group meetings,
  • Perform 10 hours per week of community service,
  • Submit  a reflection journal and meet individually with the program coordinator monthly,
  • Contribute actively to community building among all scholarship recipients, including living in the Signum Fidei living-learning community in a residence hall the first year, and
  • Demonstrate good social and behavioral status in accord with the spirit of the University’s mission and goals.


1. Complete all sections of the Community Service Scholarship application in the Application tab above. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.

2. Request two letters of recommendation from people familiar with your involvement in community service.  They may be school teachers or counselors, moderators/advisors, community service supervisors, or other non-relatives.  The forms for the two Letters of Recommendations are to be downloaded and e-mailed to your recommenders (Download Here).  The recommenders then must email the filled out form to as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file.

These recommendations MUST be filled out with this form template and submitted electronically via e-mail. DO NOT mail in hard copies of your letters of recommendation.

3. Submit the completed application no later than January 21st.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please save your answers to each of these questions, in the event that for some reason we do not receive your application. Once the application is submitted, you will be re-directed to a printable receipt of your application. That receipt will also be e-mailed to the address you provide in the application. Please save this receipt for your personal records. If you do not get an e-mail receipt, or do not see the printable receipt page, we likely did not receive your application and you must submit it again.

Sample Résumé

As part of your application (see Application tab), you will be asked to submit a résumé of all community service activities you performed during your high school career, whether through your school, church, or other community organizations.

Use the example below as a guide for supplying your service experience. Please list in chronological order. Please make sure to include a full line break between entries as shown below.

Sponsoring Organization: My church
Participation Dates: From 9/11/2006 to 6/17/2010
Program Name: Soup kitchen.
My Involvement: We went to St. Francis Inn Soup Kitchen. I helped staff prepare food, distribute food, and clean up. Also spent time with guests.
My Role: Volunteer for 3 yrs. Organizer 4thyr.
Frequency: Once a week during the school year.
Participation Hours: 2.5 hours per visit every wk

Sponsoring Organization: My high school
Participation Dates: From 9/13/2010 to 5/27/2011
Program Name: Tutoring.
My Involvement: Tutor students in science after school
My Role: volunteer my Junior yr
Frequency: Monday and Wednesday after school
Participation Hours: 1 hr each time