Travel Study

What is a travel study? 

Travel study refers to courses taught at La Salle University that involve a mandatory short period (10-15 days) travel during the semester the course is taught. In order to sign-up for a travel study course, students must contact individual faculty members (listed below and directly following the offered course name). 

Spring 2016 Courses

HIS/POL/LGU 376 Contemporary Cuba: Politics, History and Daily Life Lisa Jarvinen and Miguel Glatzer

LGU 344: India: Meeting the Global Challenge. Robert Vogel.  Travel to Southern India

MKT 305: International Marketing. Swee-Lim Chia. Travel to Germany and France.

HIS/LGU 370: Toward the Asian Century: Between Globalization and Tradition in 21st Century India and Nepal. Melinda Massaro Ingersoll and Charles Desnoyers. Travel to India and Nepal

REL 200 level. The World of the Early Christians. Jackie Pastis.  Travel to Greece.

SWK 200 level. Human Rights in Theory and Practice:  Chile & Philadelphia. Rosemary Barbera.  Travel to Chile.

 LIT 209, The Divided City: Art in Times of Crisis in Germany and the Czech Republic. Jeffrey Renye and Vince Kling. Travel to Austria, Germany and Czech Republic

BUS 370: Business in China. Pingjun Jiang. Travel to China

HON/LGU 336: Contesting Narratives: Versions of the Viet Nam War. Joseph Volpe.  Travel to Viet Nam.

NUR 411: Public Health Nursing.  Travel to Mexico