Travel Study

What is a travel study? 

Travel study refers to courses taught at La Salle University that involve a mandatory short period (10-15 days) travel during the semester the course is taught. In order to sign-up for a travel study course, students must contact individual faculty members (listed below and directly following the offered course name). 

Spring 2015 Travel Study Courses: 

HIS/ENG/HON/LGU : Global London—Travel to England
Dr. Lyman Stebbins and Dr. James Jesson

FRN/HIS: France in World War II, Under German Occupation—Travel to France
Diane Regan

LGU: Israel and Palestine: Globalization, Education, and Peace Initiatives—Travel to Israel
Dr. Robert Vogel

REL 360: The Religious History of Ireland—Travel to Ireland
Dr. Geffrey Kelly

IRISH 360: Irish Language and Culture—Travel to Ireland
Dr. John Buckley

DART 370: Travel through a Digital Lens—Travel to British Virgin Islands
Sandy Camomile

MKT 305: International Marketing—Travel to Germany and France
Dr. Swee Lim-Chia

HIS/LGU: Between Globalization and Tradition is 21st Century China — Travel to China
Melinda Ingersoll

NUR 411: Public Health Nursing—Travel to Mexico
Denise Kavanagh

SLH (both Graduate and Undergraduate): Global Perspectives in Speech Pathology—Travel to Thailand
Carol Kaminski

FIN/MKT 785: Travel Study in Finance—Travel to Hong Kong and Singapore
Dr. Walter Schubert