La Salle University’s comprehensive Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Early Intervention programs began in 1987 and was initially known as the Alcohol and Other Drug Program (AODP).   A well published slogan associated with the philosophy of the Alcohol and Other Drug Program was “Good decisions begin with accurate information”.   From its inception the AODP was the primary office responsible for campus AOD counseling and prevention services. Students were provided with caring and confidential services which include individual and group counseling, assessment, case management, referral to community self help programs and inpatient services.  AODP staff collaborated together with staff from Community Development to design the Alternative Sanction Program.

The Alternative Sanction Program is the tiered educational, assessment and change planning opportunities offered to students found in violation of the University’s AOD Policy.

In 2006, the outreach of the Alcohol and Other Drug Program was expanded by including responsibility for the well-established La Salle University PEER Educators program into the program.  This move provided the program with new energy and support to promote the efforts of what became the renamed Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center (AODEC) in 2007.

Over the past five years, staff members from the AODEC have created group intervention programs for specific subsets of the student body.  Participation in the House Risk Assessment offers students found in violation of our off-campus student behavior policy an opportunity to reduce the length of their probation.  The Athletic Team Sessions provides opportunities for teams to receive specific feedback about the affect their alcohol and/or other drug use might be having on their athletic performance.  The Greek Sessions are similar in design to that of the Athletic team and many national chapters will offer a reduction in the fee for insurance if a chapter participates in such a session.  The Substance Abuse Support Groups provide students in recovery or students with concerns about a friend or family member a place to talk about their challenges in a confidential setting with people who have similar concerns.

A number of the more recent efforts that have emanated from the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center began with seed money from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) and the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD).   They include:

2004-2007     Transitions (PLCB) – An outreach program that consisted of a consortium of staff from area high schools working with staff from La Salle University’s AODP to create inservice opportunities and develop and test curriculum initiatives to change the attitudes and expectancies around high school and college drinking and assist in easing the transition from high school to college of students from participating schools.

2007-2009     Alcohol Education for Student Athletes (PLCB and PCCD) – An outreach program for  student athletes at La Salle University through team based interventions utilizing an adapted group version of the BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) model.

2010-2011       Off-Campus and Community Collaboration (PLCB) – An outreach program to students who live in the nearby off-campus community to raise awareness and reduce underage and dangerous drinking and improve the quality of life for students and their neighbors.