Risk Assessment Project

Risk Assessment Project

The Risk Assessment Project consists of three one-on-one confidential sessions between an individual and an AODEC counselor. The process includes discussions and self-evaluation of typical alcohol and/or other drug use, information about alcohol/other drugs, how your use compares to other students, and development of a personal plan for reducing risks associated with alcohol or drug use.

First session: Client and counselor meet for the initial intake and discuss client’s background and family life, educational/future career path, typical patterns of use related to alcohol and/or other drugs, and any negative consequences they may have incurred due to usage.

Second session: Between the first and second sessions client will track drinking and/or other drug usage on a self-monitoring form, as well as complete the Alcohol (and if necessary, Marijuana) e-checkup, an online screening/assessment instrument. Results and perceptions of both tools will be discussed with the counselor during the session

Third Session: Client will again track drinking/other drug usage via self-monitoring form between the second and third sessions, as well as complete an essay based on counselor-provided prompts. The essay will describe the client’s plan for change, as well as how they will overcome any obstacles to this plan and will be discussed with the counselor in the third session.

For more information please call 215-951-1357.  To schedule a RAP session please visit our office in Mc Shain Hall between 8:30-4:30 M-F.