Peer Educators

Peer Educators

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The Peer Educators are a co-institutional student organization housed within Counseling and Health Services.  The Peer Educators have been in existence for over 10 years at La Salle University.  Co-advised by a staff member of the AODEC and Community Development, the Peer Educators are responsible for providing peer-to-peer prevention and education services in fun and interactive ways.  Some of the Peer Educators major initiatives include:

  • Stress Busters: events aimed at relieving stress in safe, healthy ways typically occurring the week before finals
  • Speak Up Reach Out: a week long campaign for raising awareness of mental health conditions among the La Salle community
  • Freshman Year Odyssey (FYO): Peers are responsible for presenting on Healthy Relationships, Time and Stress Management, and Freshman Adjustment to freshman in their FYO classes; and Real World, a theatrical depiction of the trials and tribulations of college life and how to effectively deal with the real issues facing current freshman students.

The Peer Educators are highly regarded at La Salle for the honest, accurate, and fun health and wellness information and activities they provide to students.

To consult with the Peer Educators on a program, or to schedule a Peer

for your FYO class, please contact us at 215-951-1357.