The La Salle University Peer Educators were founded in 2000 by Dr. Lane Neubauer, the current Associate Dean of Students.

Many of the programs Peer Educators are most known for were started by the original group of Peer Educators, such as:

  • Freshman Year Odyssey (FYO) Sessions on Healthy Relationships, Freshman Adjustment and Stress and Time Management.
  • Stress Busters Week
  • The Great American Smoke Out – Tobacco Free Campaign
  • Opening Weekend Skit (Survivor, Whose Line Is It Anyway, and now Real World La Salle)

Over the past 14 years The Peer Educators have been fortunate to have students and advisors who have helped to develop Peers into the exciting and influential group that it is today.

Currently Peer Educators continues to improve upon the activities and programs that past Peers created, these include:

  • Mid Semester StressBuster Events
  • Speak Up Reach Out, a suicide awareness program
  • Wingman/Wingwoman– a healthy relationship FYO
  • Student Awareness Campaigns
  • PEER’s is also proud to be a member of The Point
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