Guidelines for Marketing Alcoholic Beverages


  1. Alcoholic beverage marketing programs specifically targeted at students and/or held on campus must conform to the relevant campus rules, regulations and policies and must avoid demeaning, sexist or disciplinary portrayal of individuals.
  2. Promotion of beverage alcohol or its service at any on or off campus activity may not be publicized.
  3. Beverage alcohol (e.g., kegs or cases of beer or baskets of cheer) may not be provided as prizes or awards to individual students or campus organizations.
  4. No uncontrolled sampling may be permitted, and no sampling or other promotional activities may include “drinking contests.”
  5. Corporate sponsorship of events on campus is welcome to the extent that it does not encourage any form of alcohol abuse, nor place emphasis on quantity or frequency of use. Advertising may not portray drinking as a solution to personal or academic problem of students, or as necessary to social and/or academic success.
  6. Promotional activities by corporate sponsors may not be associated with otherwise existing campus events or programs without the prior knowledge and consent of appropriate University officials.
  7. Display or availability of promotional materials should be determined in consultation with appropriate University officials and must comply with posting regulations available at the Union Information Center.
  8. Informational marketing programs should have educational value and subscribe to the philosophy of responsible and legal use of the products presented.

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