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Student Organizations Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Guidelines for the Service of Alcohol at Student Organization Events

Authorization to serve beer and/or wine will be granted only for closed group social functions. A closed group is defined as the members of the sponsoring organization plus one (1) guest per attending member. The Student Programming Center staff should be consulted in advance of this, and any other type of event.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Beer and/or wine will only be served to individuals (group members and guests) twenty-one (21) years of age or older. Those attendees who are of legal drinking age and wish to consume alcohol will be required to present proof of age, i.e., driver’s license or Pennsylvania Non-Drivers Identification Card. All students will also be asked to present a valid La Salle University photo identification card, regardless of age. Those eligible to consume beer and/or wine will be issued an identification wristband and a maximum of three (3) tickets that must be presented to obtain beer and/or wine. These tickets are to be used only by the student to whom issued. Transferring beverage tickets to those under twenty-one (21) years of age will result in disciplinary action.
  2. Events at which beer and/or wine will be served may not be scheduled on weeknights (Sunday-Thursday) or during exam periods.
  3. Alcohol service must be arranged through La Salle University Food Services. The availability of Food Services (Catering) to provide services to student groups is based upon commitments at the time of inquiry and, therefore, services can be provided only on a first come first served basis.
  4. The maximum amount of alcohol for which a group can contract will be based on the following formula: # of Approved 21 year old guests X Duration of event X 12 oz. Beer or 4 oz. Wine =Total Fluid Ounces.
  5. The sponsoring group must provide food and soft drinks for the duration of the function. This is to be provided in conjunction with Food Services/Catering. Groups must contract an equal dollar value of food and soft drinks for every dollar of beer and wine contracted. Prices for beer, wine, soda, and food selections will be derived on an a la carte basis to provide student groups with the greatest flexibility and range of choices when planning an event. All Food Services/Catering guidelines and policies relevant to guaranteed number of guests, menu choices, and minimum orders are applicable.
  6. Upon confirming the event, the sponsoring organization shall make a deposit with Food Services/Catering for ten percent (10 percent) of the full amount quoted. Final payment shall be made in full by check or cash at the completion of the event, unless the group has an approved University budget with sufficient balance available. If the amount of beer and/or wine contracted is not totally consumed, an adjustment will be made to reflect the unused portion.
  7. Persons attending must sign an attendance record that includes the names of guests and sponsoring members. This record must be returned to the Student Affairs staff member on duty at the end of the event.
  8. The sponsoring organization assists in monitoring the behavior of those in attendance (i.e.; making sure that minors are not consuming alcohol), insuring the safety of persons and facilities, overseeing attendance sign-in, and prohibiting the carrying of beverages from the facility used. Group members are responsible for the behavior of guests.
  9. Any Student Affairs staff member is authorized to intervene in any situation that warrants such action. This includes ejection of attendees and termination of the event.
  10. Events at which alcohol will be served may not be advertised as such via posters, flyers, on or off-campus newspapers, or on or off-campus radio stations.

Authorization will not be granted for alcohol events:

  1. at which money is exchanged for alcoholic beverages either in the form of direct purchase at the bar or the purchase of tickets redeemed for beverages;
  2. at which the primary purpose of the event is fund raising in nature; and/or,
  3. at which attendance at the event is open (not limited to the sponsoring organization and invited guests) i.e., tickets are sold to the general student body.

Guidelines for Marketing Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Alcoholic beverage marketing programs specifically targeted at students and/or held on campus must conform to the relevant campus rules, regulations and policies and must avoid demeaning, sexist or disciplinary portrayal of individuals.
  2. Promotion of beverage alcohol or its service at any on or off campus activity may not be publicized.
  3. Beverage alcohol (e.g., kegs or cases of beer or baskets of cheer) may not be provided as prizes or awards to individual students or campus organizations.
  4. No uncontrolled sampling may be permitted, and no sampling or other promotional activities may include “drinking contests.”
  5. Corporate sponsorship of events on campus is welcome to the extent that it does not encourage any form of alcohol abuse, nor place emphasis on quantity or frequency of use. Advertising may not portray drinking as a solution to personal or academic problem of students, or as necessary to social and/or academic success.
  6. Promotional activities by corporate sponsors may not be associated with otherwise existing campus events or programs without the prior knowledge and consent of appropriate University officials.
  7. Display or availability of promotional materials should be determined in consultation with appropriate University officials and must comply with posting regulations available at the Union Information Center.
  8. Informational marketing programs should have educational value and subscribe to the philosophy of responsible and legal use of the products presented.

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