Self-Assessment Tools

The best way to make sure you choose the career that’s right for you is to begin with a self-assessment of your skills, values, abilities, and experiences. The vocational theory of Dr. John Holland assert that people can be loosely categorized in to six different “types” based on the skills, interests, and abilities most important to each person. Additionally, occupations, work environments, as well as majors, can also be connected to those same categories. Individuals who choose careers that closely match their category are most likely to be satisfied and successful in their careers.

We provide two (free) self-assessment tools – the Self-Directed Search (SDS)® and Focus II®  –  to current students and recent graduates.

  • The SDS is available in hard copy, and only takes 30-35 minutes to complete and comes with an Occupations Finder.
  • Focus II® is an excellent on-line resource designed to help you learn more about yourself, about occupations, about majors and how these are all connected.

Stop in to the Career Center to get a copy of the SDS and/or obtain the La Salle Access Code required to create your  Focus II® account. Once you have completed either of these self-assessments, schedule an appointment to meet with one of our counselors to discuss the results and plan your next steps.


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