Academic Partnership

Academic courses have been tied to CBT and given opportunities to put theory to practice by implementing the tools they have learned to real life scenarios.  The experiences have been proven to be enlightening, educational, and beneficial to all participants.  If you are interested in your class collaborating with The Community Building Team on an initiative please contact, CBT Chairperson, TiRease Holmes at

Collaboration with Public Relations Seminar Course

Course Description :

  • Combination of case studies and service – learning
  • In – depth study of public relations theory and practice

Course Goals :

  • Home students public relations planning and management skills
  • Explore how organizations and communities interact
  • Apply course content by completing a community service – learning project

Exemplifying LaSallian Values :

  • “Understanding at Home” Course Requirement
  • Christian Brothers’ Ideals:
  • Community Service
  • Social Justice and Equality
  • Compassionate Understanding
  • Preserving the Future of the City

 Community Relations Project Overview

Class Division : 3 teams, 5 to 6 students per team

Client : La Salle’s Alcohol and other Drug Education Center (AOEDC)

Targeted Publics : On – campus Students , Off Campus Students and Community Residents

Assignments :

  • Assess the client’s public relations
  • Propose ways of meeting those needs and determine a plan
  • Execute and evaluate the plan
  • Report the results