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Neighbor to Neighbor

Neighbor to Neighbor is a La Salle University student-run service group that assists elderly and disabled residents of the neighboring community with small home-improvement projects, yard clean-ups, and more. We are always looking for new neighbors and new projects! Projects take place Saturdays from 11am-2pm. Contact us to reserve your weekend!      215.951.1804


La Salle University affords residents that reside within postal zip codes 19138, 19141 and 19144 the opportunity to use our library, walking track and tennis courts during certain times of the week provided that the individual resident registers in advance and fulfills the necessary requirements for using these facilities.

WALKING TRACK/TENNIS COURT – to register for the usage of the track/tennis court, residents must apply in-person for a usage permit at La Salle’s Security and Safety Department’s H.Q. which is located at 5301 Chew Avenue at the “Shoppes at La Salle”.

An area resident (18 years or older) must provide a valid photo ID with a current address or, a combination of documents which includes a photo ID which contains the registrant’s name and address with one of the zip codes noted (19138, 19141 or 19144).

Hours of Use – The track/tennis courts may only be used by area residents Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 Noon, and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. provided there are no other scheduled University activities or practice sessions taking place on the track/tennis court.

Young children (under age 18 years) may not accompany you while you exercise.Track

CONNELLY LIBRARY – to register for the Connelly Library usage privileges, guests must adhere to the following guidelines;

To access the library, an area resident must provide photo ID to the security officer at the lobby desk.  Or, a combination of documents which includes a photo ID and a supporting document, that has the person’s name and address with one of the zip codes noted (19138, 19141 or 19144).library

La Salle Security

As a matter of practice, if neighbors contact Security (215-951-1300) in regards to student occupied houses, our personnel will respond to these calls and make contact with the occupants of that house to advise them of the complaint received.  A report will be prepared by responding officers as to the complaint and a notification will be made to Community Development as well.  Neighbors also have the option of contacting police directly, if they desire to do so.

Off-Campus – The public property immediately adjacent to the University is largely public domain which is not fully controlled by the University.   That area which extends beyond the University’s perimeter is where our neighbors live, and in steadily increasing numbers, our students are choosing to reside, as well.  Again, these areas are not controlled by the University and the primary responsibility for the safety and patrol of these areas resides with the Philadelphia Police Department.  However, despite the public nature of the area, La Salle University’s Security and Safety Department does provide patrols and student escort services in the areas nearby campus (see Security and Safety Services on web site which shows a boundaries map of the areas and what services are provided).   The University also employs Allied Barton Security Services to provide bicycle patrols with the purpose of establishing safe walking corridors in the areas surrounding campus. Mobile Neighborhood Patrols are provided by the La Salle Security Department and Philadelphia Police Department (Philadelphia Police are contracted by the University). For additional information visit the Security and Safety Department’s web page at