Chairperson Address

Greetings neighbors of La Salle University, my name is TiRease Holmes.  I am the chairperson for the Community Building Team (CBT) and the Director of Off-Campus & Commuter Communities at La Salle University.  In my Director role I work with students and neighbors in the area adjacent to the University where students are heavily populated.  I educate, advocate and serve as a resource for the needs of Off-Campus students. In addition, I also hold students accountable to the University’s Off Campus Behavior policies.

The Community Building Team is a group that consists of Community neighbors and leaders, as well as University faculty, staff and students.  The charge of the team is to explore, develop, recommend, and, through the appropriate combinations of direct action and stimulating the actions of others in the University and Community, implement means by which the neighbors of our adjoining community and the University can create an ever better environment in which to live, work, and study.


  • La Salle Faculty, Staff and Students  (Representing Security, Community Development, Community Relations, Alcohol & Other Drugs, University Ministry offices and Religion, Communications, and Learning & Global Understanding academic program departments.
  • Community Members (Representing Community Residents, Landlords, Community Leaders. local businesses and stakeholder representatives.