Consent Policy Form

Parent/Guardian Consent Policy & Form for Underage Residence Hall Guests


Non-La Salle prospective guests (ages 16 or 17) may be permitted access to University residential facilities when the following actions are taken:

  1. The University must receive written parent/guardian consent for their child to be present in La Salle residential facilities during the specified time (download form).
  2. The guest must produce government-issued photo ID when registering with their host.
  3. The request is received at least 3 business days (72 hours) prior to the visit.
  4. The University verifies and approves the request for the minor to be present during the specified period of time.


[important]Print, Sign, and Submit this form to Community Development Office either via fax (215-951-5109) or as a scanned attachment via e-mail ([/important]  The parent/guardian will receive an e-mail confirmation of the request upon our receipt.  Once the request is processed/verified, approval will be communicated to the host, guest, parent/guardian, Security Desk Reception (SDR) staff supervisor and live-in staff supervisors via email.  The guest must produce government issued photo ID and documentation of the approved request (print out of email/email on phone/other device) to the Security Desk Receptionist and register through the standard guest registration process.