Guest Policy & Minors Registration

Guest Policy
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Currently enrolled La Salle University resident students who are under no disciplinary or other sanctions that would prohibit them may host guests, defined as anyone other than currently enrolled La Salle University resident students, under the following conditions.

a. Students must register their guests at one of the five Security Desk Reception booths (North Residence Halls, St. Basil Court, Sts. Edward and Francis Halls, St. Miguel Court, St. Neumann Hall) for up to twenty-four hours at a time. Hosts may re-register a guest within the twenty-four hour window to extend a visit for a second or third twenty-four hour period or must sign the guest out through the Security Desk Receptionist where they were originally registered. Failure to sign the guest in for the additional time within the 24 hour registration period or sign them out will place an immediate block on that guest being registered for 48 hours and denied access to all residential facilities during that time.

b. Hosts must present valid La Salle University identification cards. Guests must produce valid and appropriate identification, as defined in the guest registration procedures posted at each of the Security Desk Reception booths. Guests who are not current La Salle University students must be at least 18 years of age as demonstrated on the appropriate identification.

c. Non-resident La Salle students may be registered as a guest of a host using their La Salle student ID card. Prospective guests who are not La Salle University students, and who are 16 or 17 years old, may be permitted access to University residence facilities when the following actions are taken:

i. The University must receive written parent/guardian consent  for their child to be present in La Salle residential facilities during the specified time,

ii. The University has the opportunity (usually 3 days) to verify the written consent, and

iii. The University approves the request for the minor to be present during the specified period of time.

d. Hosts and guests must fully comply with all those procedures, including but not limited to those that restrict the duration of each guest’s visit, normally to be no more than three (3) consecutive nights. Hosts must accompany their guests at all times. Guests must carry the guest identification cards issued to them upon registration, must produce those cards upon request to University officials/staff members, and must adhere to all standards for community conduct formally adopted by and posted in the areas they visit, in addition to all other published and/or posted University rules and regulations.

e. Hosts are responsible for their guests’ behavior. Guests’ violations of published and/or posted University rules or regulations may result in the revocation of guests’ registration, the requirements that such guests leave University premises, and may result in disciplinary action for their hosts.

f. Students may host guests of the opposite sex in their own residence halls that are comprised of floors or wings designated for single sex occupancy (i.e., the North Residence Halls, Sts. Edward and Francis Halls, and St. Neumann Hall)only during the following hours:
8:00 a.m. through 12:00 midnight Sundays through Thursdays
8:00 a.m. through 2:00 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays
In addition, guests registered by hosts of their own sex may be present in or on floors or wings designated for the sex opposite their own only during those same hours.

g. Overnight registration of opposite sex guests in the student residences that are not comprised of floors or wings designated for single sex occupancy (i.e., St. Basil Court, St. La Salle Apartments, St. Miguel Court, and St. Teresa Court), while permitted in recognition of such residences’ structural designs and the possibility of legitimate needs for group study, is not encouraged by the University. Students and their guests are asked to be mindful and respectful of Catholic moral teachings and of others’ rights to privacy and to conduct themselves accordingly.

h. Guests may be present in residence hall rooms, apartments, or townhouses only with the permission of all residents who reside in those rooms, apartments, or townhouses. Such permission must be freely and expressly given and may be expressly withdrawn at any time. Students are expected to clearly communicate their permission or withdrawal of permission and to call upon Community Development staff members for assistance in addressing and resolving persistent disputes or concerns.

i. Guest privileges may be temporarily or permanently suspended or restricted for individuals or groups, in response to incidents requiring disciplinary action or in the event of emergency or other situations of concern.