Staff Listing

Staff Contact Information

Name Title Office Email
Alan Wendell Senior Associate Dean of Students 215-951-1916
Will Toffling Director of Community Standards and Support 215-951-1530
Ali Martin Scouflied Director of Residential Communities 215-951-1531
TiRease Holmes Director of Off-Campus Communities 215-991-2949
Pete Lafferty Assistant Director for Information Management 215-951-1669
Katie Owsianiecki Assistant Director for Leadership and New Student Programs 215-991-2957
Lauren Bolden Coordinator for Leadership and New Student Programs  215-951-1699
Holly Orr Commuter Student Services Coordinator 215-951-5057
Kendrell Edwards Off-Campus Community Coordinator 215-951-1532
Dennis Velez Resident Coordinator: St. Katherine 215-991-2006
Troy Young Resident Coordinator: St. Edward, St. Francis 215-951-5060
Misty Denham-Barrett Resident Coordinator: St. Miguel, TC, LA 215-951-5056
Daniel Kraning Resident Coordinator:  CAJH and BDG 215-951-5160
Marc Hartmann Resident Coordinator: St. Neumann 215-991-2844
Molly McKeogh Resident Coordinator: St. Basil Court 215-438-9791