For more than 60 years, La Salle has been helping new freshmen students get a good start to their University experience through programs like Day ONE. This is the first opportunity you and your family will have to join faculty, administrators, and staff as members of the La Salle community.

hosts2012cDuring Day ONE, you will complete your Fall class registration, and participate in sessions on different topics that you will find helpful during your years at La Salle. You will be able to address any questions or concerns to members of the Division of Student Affairs. Throughout the day, you will hear suggestions on how to succeed academically, learn about different majors, and explore career opportunities.

Both you and your family will get the chance to hear about campus life from a student perspective, learn about the wide range of extracurricular activities, and discover other opportunities for growth and development at La Salle.

Day ONE Registration 
Registration is only for incoming Freshmen students (not applicable to transfer and international students).

You may register for Day ONE online or by mail.  Please do not do both.  We ask you to decide whether any other events, such as graduation, final exams, vacation, etc. would conflict with the dates you select.  Please consult with your family concerning your choices since they are also invited to attend a program that is concurrent with yours.  There is limited space in each program, so once an assignment is made, a change will be made only for the most serious reasons.

If you wish to register online, please please log into the mylasalle Portal. Then go to the Life @ La Salle tab and in the Events channel, click the Day ONE Registration link.  You will need the username and password that were previously mailed to you.  If you no longer have this information, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 215.951.1500.

If you prefer to register by mail, please complete the information sent to your home via mail and return the form in the enclosed business reply envelope within one week of receiving the mailing. Every effort will be made to honor the order of preference you indicate.

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