Past Host Profiles

Mohamed M Abdallah

Name: Mohamed M Abdallah


Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Saddle Brook, NJ

High School: Saddle Brook High School

I am a Morning/Night person.

My Pet Peeves are: People who chew gum really loudly, and people who enter your room without knocking.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: Community Building Team, National Society of Collegiate Scholars (Executive Vice President), Resident Assistant (St. Neumann), Community Development Advisory Board, The Masque, La Salle Singers (President),Muslim Student Association (President), Violence Against Women Act Committee, Psychology Club (Vice President), Psi Chi (President).

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: There are many wonderful aspects of La Salle. I would have to say it is the family atmosphere. There great people here on campus that are very friendly. There is a balance where you know so many and still meet new people every day, so that makes walking around campus very fun and enjoyable. In addition, getting involved with different organizations really helps you to get to know more people so you make wonderful life long friends.

This summer I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to traveling to China and having a great time meeting new students and interacting with their families.

This summer I am nervous about: Working at my new internship at Face to Face.

Dominique Adams

Name: Dominique Adams


Year: Sophomore

Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology

Hometown: Brookfield, CT

High School: Brookfield High School

I am a Night person.

My Pet Peeves are: When people bite their fork. When people spoil the shows I am watching.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: Mock Trial Team, Colleges Against Cancer (CAC), Students for Environmental Action (SEA).

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: The professors who are very compassionate, helpful, and truly concerned for their students education.

This summer I am looking forward to: Meeting new people and helping out the incoming freshman class.

This summer I am nervous about: Being away from home for more than a year.

Andrew Bailey

Name: Andrew Bailey


Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Blackwood, NJ

High School: Triton Regional High School

I am a Night person.

My Pet Peeves are: Teeth grinding, rude, immature, and dishonest people, discrimination and prejudice on any level, and PDA.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: Resident Assistant, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, La Salle Gospel Choir, Neo-African Drums and Dance, College Democrats, Alliance, Cross Cultural Association.

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: The people. There are great students and faculty here at La Salle that provide ample support to make someone really feel welcomed and like there is a big family here.

This summer I am looking forward to: Having a new adventure and enjoying this opportunity as a Day ONE host.

This summer I am nervous about: My summer courses and making sure I do my job well so that I can make the university proud.

Christopher (Chris) Berry

Name: Christopher (Chris) Berry


Year: Junior

Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

High School: Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti Catholic High School

I am a Morning/Afternoon/Night person.

My Pet Peeves are: Someone interrupting me/talking over me. When someone stops walking right in front of me in a crowded area.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: Resident Assistant, Vice-President of Technical Affairs for the Masque, President of the Technical Theatre Association, Student Worker in Administrative Services, Member of the Criminal Justice Club.

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: The community that La Salle offers, in more simplistic terms: the people here: from students, to staff and faculty.

This summer I am looking forward to: Relaxing, sleeping, and chilling with friends. Getting my license. Taking trips down the shore.

This summer I am nervous about: Letting the summer pass by too quickly without having a good time.

Jocelyn Casker

Name: Jocelyn Casker


Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders; Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Westminster, MD

High School: Westminster Senior High School

I am a Night person.

My Pet Peeves are: When people constantly sniffle and don’t blow their nose and repetitive noises that occur for a long time (like pen clicking or constant squeaking).

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: I am an ACE (tour guide), coordinator for Circle K, the Secretary for Student Ambassadors, Social Chair for the service organization, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, a founding sister of Phi Mu fraternity, and a service trip participant.

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: The community that is established here. Everyone genuinely cares about each other and really tries to makes sure that you know you have someone there to support you. Everyone is so kind and welcoming and you just don’t find that everywhere.

This summer I am looking forward to: Getting to meet all the new freshman and showing them just how amazing La Salle is!

This summer I am nervous about: Being on student live in staff because this is a new challenge for me.

Mary Davis

Name: Mary Davis


Year: Senior

Major: Secondary Education

Hometown: Oley, PA

High School: Berks Catholic High School

I am an Afternoon person.

My Pet Peeves are: Slow walkers. Kids who sleep during class.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: Neighborhood Tutoring Coordinator, Resident Assistant, Student Worker for Administrative Services.

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: The community…students, faculty members, professors. Everyone at La Salle has a good heart and are working towards a goal to better something in this world. That makes it a wonderful place to live, study, and work.

This summer I am looking forward to: Having roommates, warm weather, and meeting lots of new Lasallians!

This summer I am nervous about: Cooking dinner for myself…I only know how to make pasta and rice!

Grace Griffaton

Name: Grace Griffaton


Year: Senior

Major: Communication; Mass Media and Public Relations

Hometown: In the middle of The Poconos/ Scranton, PA

High School: North Pocono High School

I am a Night person.

My Pet Peeves are: Consistently negative perspectives – where will that get you? RUDENESS – have patience and be kind. You will be happier. People who demand attention but don’t give it back/don’t listen.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: Community Development – RA  in St. Kats, Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Vice President of Recruitment for Panhellenic Council, La Salle Ambassadors, Blackfeet Montana Service Trip, La Salle University Phonathon, Multiple Internships, and Day One, of course.

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: The access to our city, Philadelphia.  Also, La Salle has so much to offer for each and every student. You have to be willing to take the reins and begin the journey. You are the master of your fate. Don’t sit back throughout college. Take the necessary steps for yourself. No one will do it for you.

This summer I am looking forward to: Living in Philadelphia/near the beach – change in scenery for sure! Meeting the new students and families. Going on vacation to the Outer Banks/ taking day trips to beach/city!

This summer I am nervous about: Being way too hot in Philadelphia and no immediate pool. Each summer, I lifeguard/teach swim lessons. I may miss it a lot. Not seeing my family enough 🙁

Victoria Haines

Name: Victoria Haines


Year: Junior

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Philadelphia, Bridesburg (Neighborhood)

High School: Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls

I am a Morning/Night person.

My Pet Peeves are: When people do not use their common sense. People who are not clean.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: Delta Phi Epsilon, Sisterhood Chair. IFSC President.

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: My favorite thing about LaSalle is how all every single person here so far has helped me grow into a better woman for people I surround and myself. Also all of the wonderful experiences LaSalle have been able given me.

This summer I am looking forward to: I am hoping to make a great impact on incoming freshman students, with hope that they have a great positive outcome with LaSalle, the same way I did.

This summer I am nervous about: I am nervous that the incoming students will be nervous and won’t want to participate in the activities. We all want positive Day ONE experiences.

William Repetto

Name: William Repetto


Year: Senior

Major: History

Hometown: Glen Mills, PA

High School: Archmere Academy

I am a Morning person.

My Pet Peeves are: Comma Misusage. Misplaced Modifiers. Split Infinitives.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: Newspaper Head Copy Editor, Writing Center Tutor, Delta Sigma Phi Founding Father.

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: The close-knit community.

This summer I am looking forward to: Having some free time to read for pleasure and catching up with friends.

This summer I am nervous about: Getting an internship/job for July and August.

Linda Warner

Name: Linda Warner


Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication

Hometown: Philadelphia

High School: Nueva Esperanza Academy

I am an Afternoon person.

My Pet Peeves are: uneven peanut butter and jellies, negative vibes and when people put down others.

Campus Organizations/Teams/Involvement: I am in the Academic Discovery program, (ADP), and I work at the Multicultural and International Center (MIC).

My Favorite thing about La Salle is: its friendly, welcoming environment. Its small, close-knit campus community definitely brings a sense of togetherness and makes me feel very comfortable with everyone. In addition to that, I love how understanding and jovial the professors are–it definitely makes coming and doing well in your courses way easier!

This summer I am looking forward to: welcoming new students and helping them feel comfortable at La Salle. I hope to encourage students to take advantage of everything that is offered on campus and to find that La Salle whether as a commuter or a resident, will be a second home to everyone.

This summer I am nervous about: not making a student feel as comfortable as I would like. My goal is to make every student I encounter feel wonderful about their choice at La Salle.

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