Success Tips

1 RESPECT—Respect your roommate(s), your neighbors, your community, and yourself.

2 DISCIPLINE—Take time to study, reflect, and have fun (but know when is the right time for each).

3 STUDY—Find your quiet place for studying. Stay current on assignments and attend all your classes regularly.

4 INVOLVEMENT—Get involved!

MedalStudents who get involved early on have a higher achievement rate, are less homesick and generally get more out of their college experience than their uninvolved counterparts.

How do you get involved? Talk to your friends; read flyers; try out for a team; join a club; grab a friend or two and go to the meetings that groups have at the beginning of each semester.

Also, Community Development lists registered student organizations on its Web site. Read about them and pick a few that sound interesting. Or, attend the Organization and Activities Fair. Try a few different things. Once you find something that you really enjoy, ask, “What can I do?” and increase your involvement in the group. Maybe try something different from what you’re used to-expanding your comfort zone. You might find out you like it! For University-wide activities and programs, go to and click on Events Calendar, “Late Night La Salle” or the Student Activities web site.

5 EXPLORE—Explore your opportunities: They’re endless! Take the time to learn of the diversity, the cultural advantages and the leadership opportunities that La Salle has to offer.

6 SERVICE—Give back to your friends, community, and La Salle. Seek out ways to be of service to others. University Ministry and Service is the place to start. Visit them on the lower level of College Hall.

7 SEEK—Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many services, people and programs at La Salle that can assist in just about any obstacle or difficulty you may be experiencing. If you need help, don’t go it alone: ASK!

8 KNOWLEDGE—Knowledge is powerful. Seek knowledge in all you do: know the rules, your rights and your responsibilities. Investigate the various programs offered in your residence hall or apartment area and take advantage of the learning opportunities available around campus.

9 ADVISORS—Before you “need” them, get to know your advisor, your Resident Assistant (RA), Community Assistant (CA), or your Resident Coordinator (RC). It will make approaching them in a time of need much easier.

10 GOALS—Don’t ever lose sight of why you are here and how you plan to get there. Establish your goals and a plan of achievement. The best way to get where you want is to know where you are going.

BONUS TIPS—Don’t forget to get enough sleep, eat breakfast, get to know everyone you meet, smile, have fun, and go to class.

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