Microwave & Refrigerator Rentals

Microwave and Refrigerator

How do I order?

Visit us online at mymicrofridge.com or call 800-525-7307. Orders received before August 10th will be delivered prior to the start of the academic year. Orders received after August 10th will be subject to an additional $40 late fee which must be included with payment. All late orders will be delivered after the start of the academic year.

I want to order, but I do not know my roommate
or room assignment.

Order now and you will be guaranteed a reserved unit. If we receive an order from both you and your roommate, we will automatically cancel one of the orders and issue you a full refund.

Cancellation Policy

Orders cancelled prior to delivery will receive a full refund. Orders cancelled during the first two weeks of the academic year are subject to a $40 charge. Orders cancelled after the first two weeks of the year are non-refundable.

Damage Insurance

For the low cost of $19.99 per year, you can purchase insurance in the event your unit gets damaged. The cost of a replacement unit is in excess of $500.00 so we highly recommend you take advantage of this low cost insurance plan to protect yourself.

Ordering Options

  1. Web – mymicrofridge.com
  2. Phone – 800-525-7307
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