(Step 2) Form Roommate Groups

The next step in the housing selection process is forming roommate groups. If you are interested in living in a double, suite, quads, apartments or townhouses this is an essential part of the process to move forward. This must be completed first before you can choose a space in the residence halls. This must be completed by March 1. If you are looking to live in a single room next year then this part of the process will not be pertinent to you to complete.

To form a group, first you must log into the Housing & Dining Self Service via the Tools menu at top right of the page on the mylasalle portal.  Once on the main page, choose Room & Roommate Selection then Roommates/Suitemates on the top menu.


Make sure that “Fall 2019” is the term selected. Hit submit.


You can complete a simple search by name or an advance search based on preferences.




To request a roommate, scroll down to the Simple Roommate Search or the Advanced Roommate Search. The Simple Roommate Search should be used if you know whom you would like to request. The Advanced Roommate Search can be used if you need additional people for your group and would like to search for them based on living preferences. Keep in mind that only people who have filled out their housing application to participate in housing selection will show up in any search.



In the Advanced Roommate Search enter in the preferences that would match your own living preferences. The answers reflect the info submitted on the housing application. Click “Request This Student” if you want to request to add them to your roommate list.


Once you have requested a roommate, he or she must accept your request or request you back. If your requested roommates do not request you back, they will show up as “does not match” on the request status page. You may only view the rooms with size limits that match the size of your matched group (i.e. groups of two may view/select two-person rooms, but not singles or three-person rooms).


You will receive immediate email notifications via your La Salle email account for all steps in the process, including:

  • if another student requests you as a roommate;
  • if a requested roommate accepts or declines your request;
  • if another student sends you a message or a reminder to accept a request; or
  • if somebody in your roommate group leaves the group.

It is extremely important that you form multiple plans with your roommates because you may need to change your roommate group size depending on the availability of rooms. Remember, during room selection you may only view the available rooms that correspond with your group size. When your group is fully matched you will see this:


You must form your roommate group by March 1. 


Complete Your Roommate Profile (optional)

After you complete your housing application, you will want to return to your self-service main page to complete your roommate matching profile. To do this, select Personal Information on the top menu, and then Roommate Profile.



Think of this page as your introduction to potential roommates. On this page you will indicate to potential roommates how you would like to be contacted, and provide an overview of who you are. If you would prefer to opt out of being viewed by others as a potential roommate, you can make your profile private on this page as well.


Guidelines for Roommate Profile

The roommate profile is designed to give potential roommates an idea of who you are as an individual. The profile can be a simple or as detailed as you wish but note that the more information you reveal the better the chance of finding a well-suited roommate.

Ideas of what to put in your profile:

  • Your major
  • Your class year
  • Area demographic (Connecticut, Eastern Pennsylvania, Western New York); we recommend not putting hometown
  • Your interest
    • Favorite sports and sport team
    • Favorite past-time
    • Favorite book/genre
    • Favorite restaurant
    • Favorite travel destination
  • What kind of environment you wish to live in
  • What kind of roommate you are looking for

 What you should not put in your profile:

  • Any personal contact information (phone number, etc.)
  • Your current room address or home address
  • Your current or upcoming schedule
  • Information about anyone other than yourself
  • Any harassing or discriminatory information
    • Be aware that all language is monitored and will be addressed accordingly

There is a messaging feature included within the roommate selection search. You will be able to contact potential roommates via email if you wish to find out more information.

We encourage you to please reach out to a staff member within Residence Life & Community Development if you need any assistance or have any concerns regarding this process.


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