(Step 3) Housing Selection

Housing Selection Dates

March 6- Townhouse Room Selection (Miguel)

Students looking to live in the townhouse will chose their housing on this day. You must have a group of five to choose this option. If you only have three people in group then you will not be able to select a space.

March 20 – Apartment Room Selection (Teresa Court & La Salle Apartments)

Students looking to live in two or three person apartments will choose their housing during on this day. You must be able to fill the apartment. The housing selection system will only show you spaces base on your group size. If you have two people then you will only see the two person apartment options.

March 22 – General Room Selection (Basil, Bernard, Denis)

Student looking for a single room, double room or suite will choose their housing on this day. You must be able to fill a room if you are looking to live in a double or suite. For example, if you want to live in a double then you need two people or to live in a suite you will need four people.


Priority Numbers

Student participation in the housing selection process will be assigned a priority number. Student will received an individual priority number as well as a group priority number. This number is based on your total number of earned credit hours plus your cumulative GPA. Your individual number determines what time you are eligible to log on and sign up for housing. The lower your number the earlier you are eligible to begin.

  • For those students who have formed a roommate group, the average will determine the priority number.

For example,

Mary and her four friends are looking to go into a townhouse during housing selection. The group average gives them a priority number of 84.

Jill and her four friends are also looking to choose one of the townhouses.  The group average gives them a priority number of 71.

Since Jill’s group has a lower priority number of 71 (vs. 84 for Mary), Jill’s group will select before Mary’s group.

This rationale will apply to any students looking to live in a double, suite, apartment or townhouse. Students looking to live in a single room it will be based on your individual priority number as you are not part of a group.

Priority Numbers will be posted on April 9 on your Housing & Dining Self-Service main page (where you completed your application) under the Room Selection section.


Room Selection Overview

Students who receive priority numbers will choose their room assignment online at time and date given to them on their Housing & Dining Self Service page. Students should review all housing options and prepare several plans for the room selection process.

Please note:
Any member of a roommate group can select housing for the whole group, but only once that individual member’s selection time has arrived. Other group members do not need to approve the selection in order to make it official.

Once your room selection process begins you can step in and see what rooms are available for your roommate group. You will not be able to select a room until your selection time.

Once your room selection time, which can be found on your Housing & Dining Self Service page, has arrived, you will be able to select a room.


To do this, you can click the Select a Room/Suite under Room Selection section or use the Room & Roommate Selection link on the top right side of the page, then click Find Available Rooms when it pops up.




This will bring you to a List of Available Rooms.


You will only be able to view the rooms that match the number of people in your roommate group. If you are selecting a bedroom, whether it be a single or double,  you will click the Select Room button next to the room you want.

If you are selecting an townhouse, apartment or a suite, you will click the Select Suite button next to any room in that suite. For townhouses, apartments and suites, which room in the suite or apartment is selected at this time does not matter, as it can be changed on the next page.

Clicking Select Room or Select Suite will bring you to the Room Booking page.


On this page, use the drop down menus next to each room to decide which roommate is living in which room. When you have made your final decisions, click the I Agree – Submit My Room Selection button, and your choice will be saved.  You should then see the following screen.


When you click Back to the Main Menu button, it will bring you back to your Housing & Dining Self Service main page, where you should now be able to view your housing assignment.


You and your entire roommate group will also receive a confirmation email almost immediately. If these two things do not happen, you have not been assigned housing.

Housing Wait List

  • Students who did not have an opportunity to select housing during the housing selection process can fill out the wait list form on their Self Service page beginning on March 23.
  • This list is also for students who did not sign up in time for the housing selection process or otherwise need to apply for housing outside of the regular housing selection process.
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