New Incoming Students

Required Residency Policy

All Freshmen and Sophomores not living with their parents or legal guardians will be required to live on-campus. Please refer to the Required Residency Policy for more information.

General Information for New, Incoming Residents

New students who have confirmed through the Admission Office that they will be a Resident student for the upcoming academic year, should then fill out a Housing Application. When you make your decision to attend La Salle, you should complete the required Confirmation of Acceptance form, and, if you are a resident student, you should complete the Application for Housing Form provided (either the paper form, or we encourage you to use the online confirmation/housing application as directed by the Admissions office).

Finding a Roommate

Now that you are an official member of the incoming class, we encourage you to get to know your fellow classmates and if possible, to identify a potential roommate for the upcoming academic year. La Salle University offers a web-based tool that will allow you to identify characteristics that are important to you in a college roommate. The website will also allow you to share information with other students and to simultaneously learn a bit more about your future classmates.

Assignments and Roommate Requests

Housing assignments will be made in mid-June and continue through July. We make every effort to house incoming students based on their preferences (as submitted on the Housing Application) and the date of submission. Please note that the Housing Selection Process (Steps 1 through 3) is for current, returning students only.

New incoming students applying after June 1 of the upcoming academic year will receive assignments based on availability.

Please Note: Housing assignments and related personal information, such as a roommate assignment, can only be released to the student. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Community Development staff members cannot give housing information to any person except for the student. For more information please visit: If you have additional questions or need help getting a message to your student, please call Community Development at 215-951-1370. We’d be more than happy to explain the Housing Selection Process and how to best advise your student.

Questions, call the Residence Life & Community Development office at 215-951-1370.

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