Premium Accomodations

Premium Single Housing in North Halls

North Halls will offer standard single units and premium single units (premium single units are double rooms where only one student is assigned with one set of furniture or a standard single unit with an attached bathroom).

Premium Double Housing in St. Neumann Hall

St. Neumann Hall will offer Premium Doubles (premium doubles are triple rooms where only two students are assigned with the standard furniture for two, with three wardrobes).

Single Spaces in the Townhouses and Apartments
A limited number of units in the St. Miguel, La Salle Apartment and Teresa Court complexes will be offered for students not in a group (applying by themselves). These units will only be reserved for students who wish to enter the process as an individual applicant and have no objection to living with other individual applicants.

Individual applicants will register during the Townhouse and Apartment Selection Process. Individual applicants with the highest individual point totals will be selected for these units and randomly grouped together. Individuals thus grouped will be given the requested accommodation type only if they have a combined Housing Point total greater than any established groups who submitted their intention form and were unable to acquire their requested accommodation type due to not having a sufficient combined group Housing Point total. Partial groups may apply using this process, but we cannot guarantee placement together, although, we will make an effort to do so if equitable. NOTE: This option does not guarantee or sign you up for a single accommodation room within a townhouse or an apartment, but rather is for individuals without a group.

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