Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing is offered to individuals in the Honors Program, Signum Fidei, and those interested in living in the Winter Break Housing.

Winter Break Housing (Athletes/International Students)

Resident students needing to stay on campus during the winter holiday break period will be able to apply to live in St. Basil Court, the townhouses or the apartments.  St. Basil Court, St. Miguel, La Salle Apartments, and Teresa Court will remain open during holiday periods when the remaining on-campus residence hall facilities will be closed.  These locations provide greater access to cooking facilities to help meet the needs of residents who may need to stay on campus when the University is closed.


Based on availability, space in the residence halls for the Honors program will be limited. A predetermined number of spaces will be available for Honors’ freshman students however the remaining spaces in St. Basil Court will be reserved for upperclassman students.


Students who would like to live in either of these Special Interest communities, should confirm their preference with the director of their corresponding program.


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