Automatic Teller Machines(ATM) on Campus:


(ATM Located in the Union on the first floor)

Nearby Locations:

  • 2836 WGirard Ave, Phildelphia, PA -(215) 978-2588
  • 101 E Allegheny Ave, Philadelpia, Pa -(215) 423-4756
  • 911 NFranklin St, PHiladelpia, PA -(215) 537-3081
  • 4645 N5th St, Philadelphia, PA -(215) 324-1100

Trumark Credit Union

(ATM located in the Lasalle university Bookstore)

Nearby Locations:

  • 7306 Castor Ave, Phila, PA (215) 725-9739
  • 1900 N 5thSt, Philadelphia, PA -(215) 763-2581
  • 515 Old York Rd, Jenkintown, PA -(215) 887-3406
  • 1811 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA -(215) 972-0541

Bank of America

(ATM located in the Treetps Dining Hall)

Nearby Locations:

  • 1600 N Broad St# 11, Philadelphia, PA – (215) 978-1180
  • 932 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA- (267) 886-1044
  • 423 E Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA – (215) 426-3303
  • 1428 Walnut St# 1430, Philadelphia, PA – (800) 841-4000
  • 4610 City Ave, Philadelphia, PA – (215) 878-0118

Beneficial Banks

(office located at the Shoppes at Lasalle)

Nearby Locations:

  • 826 E Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA -(888) 742-5272
  • 1200 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA – (215) 864-6017
  • 7262 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, Pa -(215) 332-1184
  • 6244 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia, Pa -(215) 831-4190

What is a savings account?

A savings account is an easily accessible account in which people save their money in. People can withdraw money from this account anytime, (when their bank is open), online or from an ATM machine. This type of account is designed to safely hold money that you don’t need immediate access to.

Your money is insured while it’s in a savings account (up to $100,000). Bills can be paid online directly from your savings account. Saving money earns you interest, the more money you have in your account the more interest you will earn

Opening a bank account

What is a checking account?

A checking account is also an easily accessible account in which people usually use to pay bills and make most of their financial transactions. This type of account is commonly used for everyday deposits and purchases while a savings account is used to hold money on a long term basis.

A checking account allows you to spend money on your card without carrying cash in your wallet.

By keeping a record of your check activity, you can budget your money better.

There is better proof of payment with a checking account