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International Students: Follow These Travel Tips from SEVP Director Lou Farrell

November 12, 2015

re you planning to travel internationally during the busy holiday season? If so, please take a minute to read Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) Director Lou Farrell’s Must-Know Holiday Travel Tips for International Students.


Eating and being Healthy in the USA 

Before their college years, many international students do not have a strict habit of exercising. Lots spend time studying to keep up their grades and are only occasionally involved in some sports and activities.

Yet during their school years at U.S. colleges, international students will have a whole different level of stress, so going to the gym, eating well and getting enough sleep are just as important as spending time studying. Here are a few tips that will help international students have a better sense of how to take care of themselves, before and after they get to school.

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Many of us are glued to our social networks, checking numerous times a day to get the latest updates from our friends and family. For international students studying in the U.S., social media can be a vital link to their home country, helping them adjust not only to life in college but studying in a foreign land. A new University of Kansas study has found international students’ social media use is positively associated with their level of social adjustment but not with the amount of social support they receive. – See more at:

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