Off Campus

All new incoming freshman are required to live on campus for their first two years of undergraduate study.

Please visit Student Life for more information about living on-campus.



Leases and Contracts

Most housing arrangements are rented on a contract or lease basis; that is an agreement is made to live in the unit for a stated period of time, which most often is 12 months. There is also a lease for University housing. That means that you are legally responsible for all rent payments for that period, whether or not you live there, unless some alternative arrangement is made with the property owner.It is occasionally possible to sublet, which means the person renting the room or apartment rents the unit to another person. Such an arrangement must be carefully investigated before agreeing to it either as a renter or subletter. A deposit and the first month’s rent are usually required when signing the lease. The deposit is equivalent to one or two months rent. The property owner in whole will return this amount or in part when the contract terminates. Damages, cleaning and/or repair charges will be deducted.

It is important before signing a lease, to read it carefully and understand all the obligations. If there are questions about the lease, check with the property owner before signing it. Obtain a signed copy for your own records. Make sure that everything is in writing; do not depend on a verbal agreement. Once it has been signed, you are responsible for all of its terms.

Many of La Salle’s international students live in the following off-campus housing complexes  York North, Apartments ( Wister Court, and Academia Suites, ( – all complexes are located close to campus and La Salle’s shuttle services from York North Apartments.  For a more cultural immersion in the heart of Philadelphia, the International House is located on University of Pennsylvania’s campus,

The properties are listed above for informational purposes only.  The properties are not owned nor maintained by La Salle University and the property owners and their management companies are not affiliated with La Salle University in any way.  Individual housing contracts must be signed between you and the property owner and/or property management company.