International Student Ambassadors

Meet our International Student Ambassadors! (IA’s)

An International Ambassador (IA) is an international student that is committed to international programs and awareness, distributing knowledge about one’s own culture, and welcoming new international students and families to La Salle University.

anemoneAnemone Scheel ’18 


Major/s: Communications

Country: Denmark

Languages Spoken: Danish, English, Norwegian and Swedish








Hi! My name is Anemone, and I will be one of your International Ambassadors, but think of me more as a friend! I am born and raised in Denmark, but I love traveling. I am a communications major, and management and leadership minor. I love learning about different cultures, and understanding how history has shaped countries and their cultures. For me, La Salle has been a welcoming place, and I hope to help you experience the open arms I did when I first arrived. Furthermore, I am into sports, movies and especially food. I just moved from campus to South Philadelphia, so if you are ever in that area, you are more than welcome to text me! You are welcome to text me with any questions you have, if you wanna experience different parts of Philadelphia, or go out and eat some good food!