International Ambassador Application



An International Ambassador (IA) is an international student that is committed to international programs and awareness, distributing knowledge about one’s own culture, and welcoming new international students and families to La Salle University. If selected, you will be working closely with other international ambassadors new and returning, and Vanessa Cintron, International Education Coordinator.


  • Must be an international student or have intense knowledge of international relations
  • Lived or studied internationally
  • Junior or higher level
  • Live on campus or within the immediate area with transportation to and from La Salle during the summer.
  • Move in on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. 

An IA is responsible for:

  • Contacting and keeping an open dialogue with confirmed students prior to their arrival into the US. (This process will start around MAY 2017)
    • SKYPING or Email dialogues preferred.
  •  Answer incoming students questions on the anything related to the cultural landscape of La Salle and the Philly area.
    • For example, how you dealt with culture shock and things that surprised you, weather, pop culture, activities on and off campus that the student could look forward to, and any other questions related to being a student in the United States and at La Salle University that you would like a new student to know.
  • Attend IA orientation: Friday, August 18th – Friday, August 25th.
  • Must be able to work the weekend before the ISO. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Welcoming new international students and families to International Student Orientation during the Fall and Spring Semesters; as well as, the mini ISO session throughout the year: as needed.
  • Attending 2 international student events (1 fall semester, 1 spring semester)
  • Assisting the MIC with organizing an on-campus international education event
  • Become an active member of Cross Cultural Association

The benefits of being an IA

The benefits of being an International Ambassador is the feeling you will receive by helping fellow international students like yourself feel at home, in their new home. This will be a great opportunity for you to network and connect with students on a deeper level than anyone else and in result, may open opportunities for you in the future back at home or in the United States.  Lastly, this opportunity is a great resume builder for future employment. Not only did you successfully accomplish studying here in the United States, but you also volunteered your time to help others optimize their time here.

Other benefits you will receive is early move in to our residence halls and paid meals for the week you are assisting with the student orientation.


Ambassador trip to South Street during the International Student Orientation Week


Fall International Student Orientation Schedule