Maintaining Your F1 Status

Maintaining F-1 Status

 During your studies at La Salle University, you must meet specific requirements to maintain your F-1 visa.  Fortunately, the requirements are simple and clear, but failure to do so can put you in jeopardy of falling out of status and your ability to attend La Salle.  If you fail to maintain your F-1 status you will be required to either apply for reinstatement, which is costly, time-consuming, and may put you at risk of being deported from the United States or depart the US voluntarily and apply for a new F-1 visa.

The following checklist will help you remember your requirements as an F-1 student so that you can successfully maintain your F-1 visa throughout your career at La Salle.

  1. Maintain a valid passport at all times.
  2. Attend La Salle University as authorized on your visa.  If you decide to transfer, you must speak with the International Education Coordinator prior to leaving La Salle.
  3. You must pursue a “full course of study” and maintain a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) as outlined by La Salle.
    • Undergraduates (including Pathways) = at least 12 credit hours per semester
    • Graduates = at least 6 credit hours per semester, unless otherwise designated by the academic program.  For example: The full time MBA program requires at least 9 hours each semester.
    • ELI Only students = 18 clock hours of ESL classes
    • These students must study 9 months, or 4 terms before qualifying for a vacation term.
    • ELI conditionally admitted students = both your major classes and ELI classes must add up to a full-time course load.  Typically this means 3 credits* in a degree program and 9 clock hours of ESL classes
      • *MBA students must study 6 credits and 9 clock hours of ESL classes per semester

Under special circumstances, F-1 students may drop below the full-time requirement of their academic program for the following reasons:

    • Illness or medical condition
    • Initial difficulty with the English language
    • Initial difficulty with reading requirements
    • Unfamiliarity with American teaching methods
    • Improper course level placement
    • Final term of course study

If any of these circumstances applies to you during your time at La Salle, please make an appointment with the International Education Coordinator immediately.  Official authorization is required to drop below a full course of study or withdraw from classes for any of these reasons. 

  1. Report any change of address within 10 days to the La Salle Registrar and the International Education Coordinator.  Your address will be updated in the SEVIS system.
  2. International students who commit any type of crime are required to report it to the International Education Coordinator or any other university official immediately.  Driving violations, parking tickets, or minor fines do not apply.
  3. Engage only in authorized employment under F-1 regulations.
  4. Maintain health insurance coverage valid in the United States and provide evidence of coverage each semester.
  5. Complete your academic program by the completion date listed on your I-20.  In order to extend your I-20 beyond the original date, you must speak with the International Education Coordinator.  Extensions after the expiration date listed on your I-20 will NOT be granted.